Our Journal: Let’s start the conversation and close the misinformation gap


Dear Reader,

Welcome to Our Journal! If you are here it means that you are at least a bit curious about sustainable transformation. We are proud to have you in the community, as being inquisitive is the first step into a more conscious living.  

Les Izmoor is more than a brand. It is more than fashion. It is a movement driven by individuals who aspire to produce and also consume in a more sustainable way. But we have been facing quite a few challenges when trying to find correct and clear information to do so...

The status of sustainability is a complicated one, to put it in a nice way. There is a lot of confusion and misinformation from all sides of the conversation. From the companies’ side, most of them are still trying to figure how to do it better, tackling issues that go all the way from the materials they use to their operating models. From the consumers' side, there is the struggling task to understand a subject which is demanding for action but isn’t being explained properly. 


" Are we sustainable? Probably not! "


As a brand, we believe that producing in a responsible way and communicating our processes is as essential as creating beautiful quality pieces. To do so, we are constantly researching and learning how to implement small positive changes. Are we sustainable? Probably not! We are trying to make a change for the planet but let’s not forget that we are a company that creates garments. Our main activities involve production as opposed to reduction and even though we are trying to do so in the most responsible way that we can, our existence and our actions are still not adding up value for the environment. We might be more sustainable than others but presenting ourselves as a sustainable brand is a statement that we are struggling with as the term itself can be misleading. 

This is why we have decided to share as much as we can about our practices, our investigations on how to improve them as a company and also our tips on how to take more mindful decisions as individuals. This journal will serve as an informative tool, keeping track of our research and our active work towards the reduction of our footprint both as a brand and as consumers. We do not wish to misinform you or put “sustainability” tags that might be confusing. We also don’t want to limit our discussion to what we are doing as a brand only. There are so many actors playing a crucial role in the change of the industry worth discussing (suppliers, platforms, influencers, organizations, other brands…) and we want to include them in the conversation to get the most complete view on this complicated topic and to make our analysis as clear and accurate as possible.

We are excited to be on this journey. Are you onboard?




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