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Meet our very first creation! Crafted from a recycled crêpe, this open-back versatile dress has been designed to be worn in different styles according to your mood. 

The whole story of Garment 01 is here

Limited quantities! Delivery end of October.

Meet our very first creation! Crafted from a recycled crêpe, this open-back versatile dress has been designed to be worn in different styles according to your mood. 

The whole story of Garment 01 is here

Garment 01 is made from a crêpe in recycled polyester. The crêpe yarn provides an elegant drape while the recycled polyester gives fluidity and allows for an easier care. 

Composition: 99% Recycled Polyester + 1% Elastane 

Washing: Garment 01 can be washed either on dry or wet cleaning.

Drying: Dry on low heat setting in your dryer, or hang on a clothes line to air dry in warmer weather. We opted for this fabric because it typically does not require ironing, but if it's necessary, you can use a warm iron.


The buttons on the neck and the fabric strips on the sides allow the garment to be tied on different notches. This system allows for a loser or tighter fit adaptable to different body types.

Rebecca and Veronica are both 1.74m and usually wear a size 36 European.

Garment 01 can be worn by different sizes ranging from a 34 EU to a 44 EU. Check out the pictures on the slider below to see it on different women.


What is a fair price? We believe you have the right to know what this garment costs to make.

Here's a quick pricing breakdown (based on our pre-orders):


deadstock sourcing and a very special collaboration...



Since the launch of Les Izmoor, relationships with suppliers have only grown stronger!

We still produce with the Vuono family, a workshop close to Como that manufactures for the highest Italian fashion brands. It is truly an honour and a pleasure to have created such tight bonds with these special talented artisans. Their know-how keeps on impressing us while we keep trying to bring our more modern vision of supply-chain to the equation.

The manufacturing of Garment 02 will therefore also happen onshore, close to our Milan offices. Being able to check on the developments of pre-orders has been crucial during the production period of Garment 01 and we are happy to keep our production close again this time!


Some of you might wonder, why our pieces have their price and we believe you have the right to understand the cost break-down of our garments. Les Izmoor garments are made to last as well as produced in the most responsible way possible. We want to make our prices as fair as possible without sacrificing our core principles. 

So much time, love, passion and research goes into the creation Garment 02.

Here is the full picture of its true cost:


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Dressing ethically means reducing waste and consumption, and having in our wardrobes only clothes that we actually use. In our second journal article, we covered how slowing down our fashion consumption can have great benefits for our mental well-being (read here). Therefore, it is important to purchase mindfully and have clothes that will stay with us for a lifetime.

But what about those pieces that have been hanging inside our closets far too long without being worn? Now could be the perfect time for a little wardrobe decluttering!

If you live in Milan, we would like to invite you to get in touch so that we can help you give those pre-loved garments a new life. Les Izmoor will ensure that your pieces are either given to communities in need through our partner associations or recycled properly to transform them into yarn and other useful materials. Even damaged clothes are worth saving! 

Just reach out to us through the contact form below and we’ll take care of the rest.

Oh, and we almost forgot… As a reward for recycling with us, we want to treat you to an extra 10% off Garment 02!

Pictures by @xeniaphotolab - @xeniaoffwhite