Fashion retailers can produce up to 10,000 designs in one year. We focused on one.

Meet Garment 01, a versatile piece that can be worn in different ways and that can adapt to different body types.




Creating a one-size only garment that fits different bodies has been a real challenge, but we made it work!  

Our garment development began in March 2020 and during a year we created at least 15 prototypes, each one with new adjustments. Our first prototypes included various buttons placed on the sides which allowed the fastening at different notches. However, we realised that this system wouldn’t allow enough flexibility and we finally decided to switch the buttons for fabric strips. 

This option allows to tie the garment at everyone’s precise measure and it also gives a more polished look with a discrete bow on each side.

To confirm the adaptability of Garment 01, we organised a fitting session and welcomed women from different shapes and sizes to try on the garment. Scroll right through the following pictures to see the fitting:


In a world of heritage and tradition, we are so glad to have found open-minded partners willing to bet on our agile model.

Our Garment 01 is being developed by Damiano Vuono Sas, a family-owned workshop in Varese near Como that has been present in the market since 1964. They have since then transferred their know-how from generation to generation and used their talented hands to produce for some of the most renowned high quality brands in Italy.

Through this collaboration we are building a bridge between our modern system and the excellence of Made in Italy. Les Izmoor is committed to support Damiono Vuono Sas in their adoption of new supply-chain models and create a partnership that goes way beyond a mere transaction.

The manufacturing of Garment 01 is therefore ensuring a responsible onshore production of the highest quality and a support for local players. Moreover, it is reducing CO2 emissions - with our factory located at less than 60kms from our warehouse in Milan.


To share more about our supply-chain, we have teamed up with Virgo, a blockchain-powered platform that focuses on brand transparency. The company is in charge of verifying our ethical efforts and placing all of Garment 01’s information on a scannable tag that will be placed on each product label.

This tag will not only serve as a source of information but it will also become your proof of ownership and a way to recognise your garment’s authenticity.


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Photo Credit: Sara Scanderebech

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