Type of position: Starting as a 6 months internship contract with the concrete opportunity to join the company full time.

The time has come for Les Izmoor to take a new step and we want you to be a part of it.

About the opportunity:

By being a part of our growing reality, you will be in the center of all proceedings and work hand in hand with the founder on a multitude of subjects. No day will be the same but here are some of the tasks they might include:

  • Detecting new prospects and collaborations
  • Following up on sales and partnership opportunities
  • Developing digital and physical community experience 
  • Managing the continuous sustainability journey of the brand
  • Following the development of new product innovations and the timeline of launches
  • Supporting ad-hoc communication projects: branding, shooting sessions, events…

This is a long-term role. We are looking for someone who wants to grow with us and take increasing responsibilities with time.


About the requirements:

Do you need to have a professional background in fashion? 

Not at all. An understanding of the industry is important but we are looking for someone who is not afraid to bring a different perspective to it. Les Izmoor was created to change the practices of the system and, to us, cultural fit is the most important. We are looking for someone who shares our vision, who can be creative and who can also implement this creativity in a plan of action that brings results.

Do you need 3 years of experience in a specific department? 

Hell no. People who have done different things are so cool! We need someone who can multitask, learn quickly, be polyvalent and flexible. Every day will be filled with different challenges and versatility is key for this role. 

Do you need the capacity to work in a fast moving, dynamic and stressful environment? 

Yes. Being in the early days of a company can be hard but it is also very exciting. Some days will be quite intense. Sometimes things won’t turn out the way you expect. That’s why we want someone who can step back in those situations and quickly say “Okay, how do we respond to this?”. It’s all about the thrill of the unknown and the potential of what we could create together. 

Do you need to be located in a specific place?

As long as you are open to travel once in a while to Milan and Paris, it doesn’t matter much where you work from! This position requires a lot of commitment and we are looking for proactive self-motivated talent that is disciplined to get the job done from wherever she/he wishes.

Do you have to speak multiple languages?

Fluency in English is a must. Italian, French or other languages are considered a bonus!


Send your CV and application to