"Producing less and in a more thoughtful way."

Les Izmoor creates only one garment per season: versatile pieces designed with care that can be worn in different ways according to your mood, and adapt to different body sizes.

Les Izmoor supports local Italian craftsmanship: our manufacturing is located less tan 60km from our office in Milan. Ensuring a low footprint and good relationships with artisans is our priority.

Les Izmoor produces on demand: overproduction and overconsumption are the biggest environmental threats in the fashion industry. We want to change that.

The status of sustainability is a complicated one, to put it in a nice way. There is a lot of confusion and misinformation from all sides of the conversation.


here’s why, and what we decided to do about it

"Les Izmoor's fashion is synonymous with consideration: consideration in buying and choosing only garments that are destined to last; consideration towards the planet; and consideration towards the human heritage behind artisanal fashion, which preserves traditional know-how and a taste of solidarity."